Microsoft authenticator verification code not working

As you mentioned, you have moved on to be self-employed and have left your previous job, I believe you must have a new work or school account now. When you access Microsoft Teams with your new email id for the first time, it must have asked you to select your verification method. If you still have nay trouble accessing Teams, you can consider changing two-factor verification method. You'll see all of the options, but you can select only the ones that are made available to you by your organization.

For detail information, see Change your two-factor verification method and settings. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

We've sent a notification to your mobile device. Please open the Microsoft Authenticator app to respond. Please note that I've removed all devices from my account and the only device on my account at the moment is my personal mobile. When I open my Microsoft Authenticator app, it does not give me any message. Is there a way I can start from scratch? The only account I have is my personal email account. According to what I've found online, it looks like Microsoft has to un-install my old details from my account as deleting the app from my old device is not enough.

Can you advice on how I can go about doing this? In your original post you mentioned that you have moved on to be self-employed that means you must have a new Microsoft subscription. If this is so, with the new subscription you must have a new work or school account which means you have a completely new log in credentials. In this case, may I know how your old mobile linked to your new Microsoft account? Please correct me if I misunderstood your scenario.

It will be required to check your account from the backend, and as this is a public platform, it is not possible in forum. You can contact support via phone, to know how see Contact support for business products - Admin Help this is for business support. I have a similar problem. I upgraded to a new phone and am trying to sign into outlook on it. I am asked to sign in via authenticator app and put in my password.

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After I do that, it says " We've sent a notification to your mobile device. However I am already in the authenticator app and there is nothing else I can do. I have unregistered my old device and registered the new one. Any suggestions? I removed this app from my phone and reset the authentication parameters not to include a second level verification. I have the same problem. However, after clearing, cache, running cc cleaner, registry cleanout, reinstalling teams, updating, rebooting - it doesn't work on MS Teams installed on Windows 10, or the web version on Edge.

So on Windows any browser the MS authenticator isn't quite synced on windows? I can't figure that out right now Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Signing in and signing out Microsoft Teams Search Community member. I had Microsoft teams in my job and I logged on using the Authenticator app on my work mobile. I've moved on to be self-employed and no longer have access to this phone. I've tried to set up microsoft teams but each time I'm unable to because Teams keeps saying its sent a notification to my phone and I never get it.This is true for my two personal accounts.

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I've reinstalled the app and still have no luck. I have a live. I've tried removing and adding my account back as well. This is frustrating. I changed my screen lock settings earlier, which apparently requires that you "re-authorize the account" or "re-enable the account" in the Authenticator app I don't remember exactly which one it was lol.

Go into the app, and there should be an option like "Re-authorize account" or "Re-enable account", I think I got the menu item when i clicked on the account or went to the settings area in the app. Has anyone ever got this to work? Or use my finger print.

Neither method ever works Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads.

How To Fix Nintendo Account 2-Step Verification Code Not Working

Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Archived Forums. Support for Microsoft Authenticator App. Sign in to vote. When I try to authenticate with the app. It gives me error "error communicating with server". Steps I entered email on outlook. Then I choose the same number on my phone and hit approve.

After that it gives error "error communicating with server". Another issue is that it ask to enter lockscreen password multiple times even though I enter correct lock screen password or use fingerprint My Fingerprint working correctly in other apps and even lock screen password is correct Please fix this issue.

Microsoft authenticator app is not working on my new phone

Saturday, August 18, AM. I get this same error.We have recently implemented MFA with a conditional access policy. This is causing issues when users need to re set up the account in the Authenticator app. The end users try to fix the issue themselves and will remove their accounts from the app and try to reenroll by going to myapps.

Since they have removed their account from the application they can not authenticate to the portal. In order to get the end user back into the portal I have to go to the regular MFA Setup page, enable phone calls or texts, enable and enforce MFA on the end user, and they can finally get in to re-set up the account.

Definitely would like to see the one-time bypass feature in Azure MFA. As for the Authenticator, I've also seen it fail to bring up the approval, but usually when I manually open the app, it appears.

The problems should be divided into different parts :. It's better to use more than one authentication method and you can use the additional one with the phone call and it allows you to re-enroll. What might be the issue? My approval notifications was not working on Android 9.

After that, starting Company Portal application again, Authenticator started to work as expected. I found with my phone that the notifications had been set back to low priority, so no pop up and no sound.

I had to go into the advanced set up to be able to change it back. Once i did that, I now get the notifications again. However, I now get three notification sounds after approving the request. Not sure why but much less of a problem than not receiving the request. This behavior doesn't make sense to me. Products 70 Special Topics 19 Video Hub Most Active Hubs Microsoft Teams.

Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Edge Insider. Azure Databases. Project Bonsai. Microsoft Security and Compliance.Security info is an alternate contact email address or phone number that you add to your account. If you forget your password, or if someone else is trying to take over your account, we send a verification code to that alternate email or phone number.

You can change your password, update info, or review recent activity. If you're not already signed in to your Microsoft account, you'll see a prompt. Manage your security info.

microsoft authenticator verification code not working

On your Security basics account page, you can add, update, or remove security info. Select any of the following to find out how. Make sure the list of phone numbers or email you use to sign in to your account is up to date. Open your Sign-in options to turn off sign-in preferences for any phone number or email you don't use often.

If you're not already signed in to your Microsoft account, you'll be prompted to sign in. You may be asked to enter a verification code to continue. If you don't have access to your alternate email or phone number, choose I don't have any of these and follow the instructions to replace your security info. You'll see your security info under Security settings.

Choose Remove for any you want to remove. You may be asked to add new security info before you can remove the old info. During this time, we cannot accept further changes or additions to security settings or billing info. Your account is still open and active, and you can still use your email, Skype, OneDrive, and devices as usual. There are a number of possible explanations for why verification codes don't always arrive. Read through the list of the most common causes, and see if any of them apply to you.

Does your phone block texts from unknown numbers? If so, change your phone settings then choose I don't have a code. We'll send another verification code. Did your email send your verification code to your junk folder? Check your junk email folder for a message from a Microsoft account, and use the code sent to you. Valid verification codes come from an accountprotection.

Common problems with two-factor verification and your work or school account

Mark accountprotection.There are some common two-factor verification problems that seem to happen more frequently than any of us would like. We've put together this article to describe fixes for the most common problems.

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When two-factor verification is on, your account sign-in requires a combination of the following data:. Two-factor verification is more secure than just a password, because two-factor verification requires something you know plus something you have.

No hacker has your physical phone. If you're an administrator, you can find more information about how to set up and manage your Azure AD environment in the Azure AD documentation. This content can help you with your work or school account, which is the account provided to you by your organization for example, dritan contoso.

If you're having problems with two-factor verification on a personal Microsoft account, which is an account that you set up for yourself for example, danielle outlook. It happens. You left your mobile device at home, and now you can't use your phone to verify who you are. Maybe you previously added an alternative method to sign in to your account, such as through your office phone.

If so, you can use this alternative method now. If you never added an alternative verification method, you can contact your organization's Help desk for assistance. Sign in to your account but select the Sign in another way link on the Two-factor verification page. If you don't see the Sign in another way link, it means that you haven't set up any other verification methods.

You'll have to contact your administrator for help signing into your account. Choose your alternative verification method, and continue with the two-factor verification process. If you're using two-factor verification with a personal account for a Microsoft service, like alain outlook. If you're using two-factor verification with your work or school account, it most likely means that your organization has decided you must use this added security feature.

There is no way for you to individually turn it off. If you can't turn off two-factor verification, it could also be because of the security defaults that have been applied at the organization level.

For more information about security defaults, see What are security defaults? We strongly recommend letting your organization's Help desk know if your phone was lost or stolen. The Help desk can make the appropriate updates to your account.

After your settings are cleared, you'll be prompted to register for two-factor verification the next time you sign in. Not receiving your verification code is a common problem. The problem is typically related to your mobile device and its settings.You can follow these steps to add your two-factor verification and password reset methods. After you've set this up the first time, you can return to the Security info page to add, update, or delete your security information.

If you're prompted to set this up immediately after you sign in to your work or school account, see the detailed steps in the Set up your security info from the sign-in page prompt article. If what you're seeing on your screen doesn't match what's being covered in this article, it means that your administrator hasn't turned on this experience yet. Until this experience is turned on, you must follow the instructions and information in the Set up my account for two-step verification section.

If you don't see the authenticator app option, it's possible that your organization doesn't allow you to use this option for verification. In this case, you'll need to choose another method or contact your organization's help desk for more assistance. Security info methods are used for both two-factor security verification and for password reset. However, not all methods can be used for both.

You aren't required to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, and you can choose a different app during the set up process. However, this article uses the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you have setup Microsoft Authenticator app on 5 different devices or 5 hardware tokens, you would not be able to setup a sixth one and may see the following error message.

You can't setup Microsoft Authenticator because you already have five authenticator apps or hardware tokens. Please contact your administrator to delete one of your authenticator apps or hardware tokens. Select Security info from the left navigation pane or from the link in the Security info block, and then select Add method from the Security info page.

On the Add a method page, select Authenticator app from the drop-down list, and then select Add. On the Start by getting the app page, select Download now to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, and then select Next. For more information about how to download and install the app, see Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you want to use an authenticator app other than the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the I want to use a different authenticator app link.

If your organization lets you choose a different method besides the authenticator app, you can select the I want to set up a different method link. Remain on the Set up your account page while you set up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, select to allow notifications if promptedselect Add account from the Customize and control icon on the upper-right, and then select Work or school account.

If this is the first time you're setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app, you might receive a prompt asking whether to allow the app to access your camera iOS or to allow the app to take pictures and record video Android.

You must select Allow so the authenticator app can access your camera to take a picture of the QR code in the next step.

If you don't allow the camera, you can still set up the authenticator app, but you'll need to add the code information manually. For information about how to add the code manually, see see Manually add an account to the app.

Return to the Set up your account page on your computer, and then select Next.

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Scan the provided code with the Microsoft Authenticator app QR code reader, which appeared on your mobile device after you created your work or school account in Step 6. The authenticator app should successfully add your work or school account without requiring any additional information from you. For more information about manually adding a code, see Manually add an account to the app.

A notification is sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, to test your account. Approve the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and then select Next.

Your security info is updated to use the Microsoft Authenticator app by default to verify your identity when using two-step verification or password reset. If you no longer want to use your authenticator app as a security info method, you can remove it from the Security info page. This works for all authenticator apps, not just the Microsoft Authenticator app. After you delete the app, you'll have to go into the authenticator app on your mobile device and delete the account.

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microsoft authenticator verification code not working

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microsoft authenticator verification code not working

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