Kettlebell push press strongfirst

The kettlebell push press is the simplest of the overhead ballistic kettlebell lifts and is basically just adding some leg drive to the overhead kettlebell press. A ballistic lift is an explosive lift, so speed is an important element of a ballistic lift. The push press is straight forward. All you need to do is link a leg dip and drive to an overhead press. So the first step to push pressing is very simple: master the kettlebell overhead press! The leg dip for the kettlebell push press is different from a barbell push press.

The aim of a push press with any implement is use leg power to help get the weight overhead, and this means effectively generating power from the ground and transferring it to the weight.

With a barbell push press, the bar should be sitting across the anterior delts and this means the lifter can transfer power up through their legs, into their torso and then through their shoulders into the bar to launch the bar off their body. Bearing all of this in mind, we can now look at kettlebell push press. So, with the kettlebell, instead of the power generated in the legs moving up to the shoulder and into the weight as with a barbell, the power moves up through the legs, into the hip, then into the elbow and finally to the kettlebell.

The hips have to stay extended in the same position they are in rack — if the hips bend then move the body away from the elbow.

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The biggest mistake people make with the kettlebell push press is thinking that the first dip is exactly like that of a barbell push press, and they break at the hips. It can take a while to get used to the dip for the kettlebell push press, practise it on its own for a while if need be, and then with a kettlebell in rack before trying to add it into a full push press.

People are often concerned about their knees passing in front of their toes because there is a misconception out there that this is unsafe and will lead to a knee injury. The only time knees passing in front of the toes may be a problem is with anterior cruciate ligament ACL injuries, however even people with a snapped ACL can perform this movement safely if their hamstrings are strong enough. Having said that, anyone with ACL issues should consult a good physio to see whether they can perform this movement safely.

To be clear, knees passing in front of the toes is safe but knees moving forward and collapsing in is unsafe — the knees must track in line with the toes.

The drive is really a natural reaction to the dip — once the knees have bent into the dip the drive is just a matter of extending straightening them quickly. Extending the legs quickly provides the power for the push press. If done correctly, and if the first dip is good, energy stored from the movement of the first dip should travel up the legs in the drive, into the hip, into the elbow and into the kettlebell.

Fixation is a very important concept for safe and effective ballistic overhead lifting. Fixation is when the legs and arms are extended and the weight has stopped moving in overhead lockout position. Good fixation will help build incredible shoulder stability.

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At the other end of the spectrum, a lack of fixation will weaken the shoulder joint. It will take practise. And as you get better, your fixation should get quicker — a good lifter will have instant fixation. Therefore, the best way to ensure your push press technique is good from the get-go is to master the overhead press, then practise the dip and drive, then put them all together.

Be aware of fixation, consciously stop the kettlebell as quickly as possible overhead until it becomes automatic. Sometimes people think that because they can move a heavier weight with a push press than with an overhead press that they should do so automatically.

Breathing for the kettlebell push press is dictated by the need to keep the elbow connected to the body during the first dip. If you inhale during the first dip, or inhale before the first dip then hold your breath, you will automatically disconnect your elbow from your body. This in turn reduces your ability to power the lift with your legs.

If you exhale during the dip you will actually allow your elbow to sink into your body more so and this will increase your ability to transfer energy into the elbow to launch the kettlebell upwards. Exhaling on the dip will also help you relax, which will help you extend your legs more quickly into the drive and the quicker your leg extension the more power you will generate.

Even if you do plan to go relatively heavy, an anatomical breathing pattern is the best one to use as it is enables you to use your legs most effectively.

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If you want to lift really heavy, grab a barbell or sandbag or anything that you can drop and get away from safely if the lift goes wrong.Up until 45 years ago, the overhead military press was actually the third event in Olympic weightlifting, along with the snatch and the clean and jerk. The military press was considered the main yardstick for measuring strength. When athletes wanted to challenge each other, they did it with a military press attempt.

Back then, shoulder injuries were also very uncommon. Starting fromwhen the military press was removed from the weightlifting events, the bench press and other exercises witnessed a gradual increase in use, up to the level of abuse and to the detriment of the military press. So our problem is two-fold — avoiding shoulder injury and building our bench press— but our solution is singular, the kettlebell military press.

And we have the evidence to back it up. In the bench press, the shoulder blades are locked in an adducted and depressed position, which inhibits the action of the serratus anterior muscle. This is because the serratus anterior muscle is responsible for the protraction, as well as the rotation and elevation, of the scapula, which is exactly the opposite of what happens during the execution of the bench press.

Not surprisingly, the serratus anterior muscle is activated when the shoulder blades can move freely during the overhead press movements.

The Many Valuable Reasons You Should Be Training the Push Press

This syndrome can result in pain, weakness, and decreased range of motion. It should also be added that scapular adduction causes a predominant action of the rhomboid muscles, which further inhibit the cooperation between the serratus anterior and the middle trapezius muscles. Hence the need—in my opinion it should be mandatory, and the data extrapolated from various studies shows it—to press overhead, and therefore to utilize the military press.

The military press involves the coordinated action of the serratus anterior and the middle trapezius muscles, which together lead to the proper rotational action of the shoulder blades. Our goal is to become strong in an absolute sense, and remain so for a long time. In my opinion, being strong is not only about having the strength to do certain things.

Rather, you are really strong when your strength can be useful in a variety of endeavors, it protects you from injuries, and it allows you to do what you like, for a long time. The kettlebell pressed overhead from the rack position helps the shoulders to stay packed and move according to optimal biomechanics.

This enables an optimal lockout overhead, and thereby helps to develop strong and healthy shoulders. In deeply studying the kettlebell military press, I have concluded that it represents an excellent choice when it comes to transfer to the bench press, as it allows the practitioner to cover the entire range of motion of an overhead press, and it involves in totality, thanks to the lockout, the muscles of the upper back, including the para-scapular muscles and those of the rotator cuff.

I believe the kettlebell military press is essential for the harmonious development and coordination of the shoulder joint district. There are three factors that make the kettlebell military press the best way to develop overhead strength:. This study was done with the intention of demonstrating the importance of adding the hard style kettlebell military press into bench press strength programs.

The end numbers show that, by inserting the kettlebell military press, significant results were obtained in the bench pressalso ensuring a balance of strength that is typically lacking in cases where the bench press is used exclusively for the upper part of the body.

The athletes faced a huge amount of very demanding and increasing work. By the fifth week, during the heavy session, they had to perform a total of military presses. A huge amount of work! The blue bars indicated pre-trial 1RM performances, and the red indicates post-trial. Weight in kilograms.

kettlebell push press strongfirst

According to the results, we have seen a significant increase in 1RM of both the bench press and the single-arm military press. You can see in the bench press chart that the first athlete started the plan with a kg bench press and ended with kg.

Press a lot and you will press heavy, which will make you happy.

Advice on Push Press, please

We must feel good, be happy, and continue to cultivate our passions in a healthy environment. Enjoying our time practicing our kettlebell military press is one way to achieve these objectives. If this study had a control group of bench-press only, but using a similar protocol ie modulate the weight ROP-style we could compare with this kettlebell military press only group. That said, I found your section about serratus anterior restriction and the dangers of its underdevelopment very important, and make me wonder if I should stop doing bench press altogether.The push press is a bit like the clean.

Because we love to stick heavy metal over our heads. Not only this, but the push press helps us to develop some serious core strength because we now have to stabilize some hefty double kettlebell iron in the lockout position. While the double kettlebell jerk allows you to put the heaviest amount of weight overhead, the push press is quicker to teach and learn. This opens up the range of people whom we can offer this training to, and it reduces the amount of corrective work required to get people to the point where they can take advantage of this exercise.

I work with a lot of athletes who are competing in obstacle course races. Often, obstacle course racers train in teams and we have to coach to the level of the least skilled. The push press allows us to do that, and if we include the single kettlebell push press as a regression, then the mobility requirement drops compared to the double. So if you are teaching group classes, the push press is a tool you need to have in your arsenal.

kettlebell push press strongfirst

The push press has a greater correlation to increasing jump mechanics than the jerk. So much so, that many English soccer teams have started to use the barbell push press as a training method for increasing vertical jump height a sought-after attribute in soccer for head-butting and blocking the ball.

In obstacle course racing there is also a large requirement for vertical jumping, be it to clear fire-pits, logs, fallen comrades, etc.

Many other sports also contain a requirement for either vertical jumping or the rapid creation of force from the legs that is then expressed, via the trunk, through the arms.

MMA, Judo, badminton, and basketball are just a few of the sports that could benefit from the use of the push press in the weight room. This keeps the movement more in tune with the vertical jump mechanic. Pull the trigger and BANG! Once you initiate that dip, you are committing to pulling the trigger on your drive.

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This helps develop confidence and is also a nice, safe way of developing your trigger for explosive movements alongside your heavy swing training.

Coming back to obstacle course racing, there is zero chance of someone performing a dead-hang pull-up in an obstacle course race. The only reason we have dead-hang pull-ups in obstacle course training is for healthy development through the full range of motion of the shoulder. This creates a buffer capacity in case things go wrong and the psychological benefit of knowing that once you get your hands on an obstacle you are getting yourself over it.

Any actual climbing over a wall is a hybrid movement consisting of a vertical jump push press or horizontal jump swinga partial pull-up, and a wall assisted climb vertical crawl. The bottom half of the pull-up seems to be the sticking point for many of my female racers, so we can avoid this part of the pull-up completely by training to jump through it that said, you should still all learn how to do a full pull-up.

Learning to absorb impact is something that few people seem to get the opportunity to learn unless rugby, football, wrestling, or martial arts is a part of their life. My obstacle course racing clients are frequently bumped into and knocked over —when you do a long jump and land on mud, you are likely to fall over and hit the ground.

The catch in the push press helps to prepare you for this. It also helps you to practice breathing. All full-contact athletes know the value of tensing before an impact and then immediately releasing some air not all of it on impact. Also, holding the kettlebells in the rack between the push press repetitions no re-cleans helps to teach breathing while your chest is being lightly crushed by the weight of the kettlebells.

This combined use of the push press, swing, pull-up, and crawl, detailed above, is not just limited to those who do recreational obstacle course races. These exercise techniques could easily be used by those who may have to clear obstacles as a part of their professionsuch as those people working in fire service, ambulance crews, mountain rescue, or law enforcement.

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The push press also benefits for those who may have a desire to improve their press, get leaner, or add some mass to their upper body.

Due to its ease of use and instruction, the push press is a readily accessible tool for either putting more weight overhead than you can strictly press or putting a weight you can press overhead for more repetitions. Correctly programmed this can:. As a coach, it is important for me to also be able to cycle different exercises that serve similar purposes.

If a fat-loss client becomes too efficient in the swing, we need to look elsewhere for him or her to get a sufficient metabolic hit. This would be where either the push press or snatch would come in. So there we have why the push press is one of my go-to movesnot just for obstacle course racers but for non-sporting or non-competitive clients as well.Forums New posts.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Advice on Push Press, please. Thread starter Sergi Start date Nov 15, Tags advice newbie. Sergi Level 1 Valued Member. Hi everyone. I'd like to hear your opinion. I've been struggling with the Shoulder Press, so I started doing Push Press in an attempt to strengthen the shoulder muscles and, eventually, be able to perform the Military Press exercise.

I really can't do more than a few reps without losing good form, then the shoulder tires out and I have to desist! Is lifting a 16 kg kettlebell in Push Press such a hardcore feat or is it just I need time to train my shoulders in order to ease them into this exercise? For Swings and other exercises, I don't have any problem using 16 kg, though. I don't want to compare myself to others, as all journeys are different, but it still mystifies me how difficult is to do more than 5 reps with good form.

Maybe trying progressions with a barbell? Thanks a lot! I do about rounds of these types of ladder exercises, three times a week, interspersed with some running. Screenshot at Why do "Shoulder Press" before "Military Press? You're welcome to post a video of your own for form critiqueWe all want a stronger kettlebell press.

Boosting your strength baseline makes everything else, everything before, relatively easier. So finding and using principles, techniques and drills that unlock your ability to better express the strength that you do have is something to strive for.

The pull press. You learn a lot from your teachers. And, almost always, you learn from your students. This is my case: every opportunity I have to teach, I learn. The extra load gives you a great counterbalance while helping to keep your torso tight to minimize tension leaks. The see-saw kettlebell press differs slightly. As with the alternating press, you clean two kettlebells and press one.

But this time, using the active-negative principle, you pull it back into the rack position while simultaneously pressing the other kettlebell up.

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Note that the athlete does NOT allow the wrist to bend backwards so that the kettle-bells rest against the elbows.

If you bend the wrist backwards, the kettle-bell hangs down so far that it interferes with the bending of the arms; therefore, bend the wrists FORWARD and this will make the kettle-bells rest against the back of the forearms.

See-saw presses rock. Rooting, wedging, bracing, feed-forward tension, power breathing, trigger, and many, many more reverse-engineered nuances that are every bit as applicable to squats and deadlifts as they are to presses. Because they deliver. More articles to come. Now imagine how much stronger you could get by applying two or more in just a few days, weeks, or months of practice? Not at our SFG certifications, where experience has taught us to expect it. A lifetime PR in a few minutes.

In one-arm lifts—one-arm swing, get-up, clean, snatch, press, push press, jerk, bent press—pay careful attention to the non-lifting hand. Give it some work to make the lift safer and easier. Popular examples include:. As they lowered the kettlebell to the rack, they raised their free hand.

Pull meets press. That caught my attention. And after adding it to my practice and teaching, it helped me and my students press heavier weights, or press the same weight for more reps. Here is a video for those that want a more in-depth explanation. To explain more fully, suppose a lifter has a bell in his right hand, as he starts the lift he will drop the right shoulder and bend 3 or 4 inches to the right; then he will heave the bell aloft, using the strength of the side muscles to start the bell upwards, and as the bell goes upward he will bend the body far to the left.

Make sure that the weight in the rack does not sink down before the actual press. All SFG military press standards still apply.It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with StrongFirst principles that the way we use a kettlebell has application to most any sport. What is lesser known is how the kettlebell can be used in strength sports, a realm where the barbell reigns king.

However, in a sport like strongman where the events are widely varied, there is much more room for a variety of kettlebell exercises. This is a question that should be asked for ANY kind of training. To answer this we will look at some of the most common strongman events:. Most of the time, you will not know what events are being contested until a couple months out and even then they are subject to change.

So you had better get strong at all of these movements! That does not mean you have to do every kind of deadlift, and every kind of press, etc. And that can be any kind of DL. You are guaranteed to encounter one or more event where grip will be the limiting factor, even for people with strong hands. Thickbars, farmers walks, carries, timed holds, etc. Something is going to test your grip. It might also be something less obvious like the wrist and open hand strength required to lift an atlas stone, or to pull a truck arm-over-arm.

kettlebell push press strongfirst

Irradiation is when a muscle is working so hard that it recruits neighboring muscles to help support or assist in the force requirement. The tension irradiates from one muscle to the next and amplifies the strength of the primary and secondary movers. In simplest terms, neuromuscular efficiency is how well the central nervous system communicates with the muscles.

We can however improve our muscle recruitment by improving our neurological efficiency. For visual aid in understanding how this relates to grip strength I direct you to the homunculus…. These models, from the London Museum of Natural Science, represent what our bodies would look like if they grew in proportion to our nervous system.

The theory is that by strengthening your grip, you in turn strengthen your nervous system, thus improving neuromuscular efficiency. This is why Pavel has said that strengthening your grip is the fastest way to strengthen your body. It is well known that grip strength closely correlates with full body strength. Many strength coaches use a hand dynamometer to measure the effectiveness of their athletes off-season training program.

Well, it works both ways; strengthen your body and get stronger hands, strengthen your hands and get a stronger body. We will attack it from both directions because in strongman you need both!

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kettlebell push press strongfirst

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